On October 18 and 19 Brussels hosted the 12th Summit of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM 12). The Centre for Fine Arts-Brussels (BOZAR) highlighted the creativity of European and Asian artists during the ASEM Cultural Festival. Arts and culture have fuelled the passion of solid alliance between the two continents.
In times of global changes, cooperation and mutual understanding between Europe and Asia is more important than ever. The 53 partners of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) represent more than 60 percent of the world’s population and 65 percent of the economic activity. But these ties are not only political or economic; they are also cultural. For centuries, artists have fuelled a passion that has progressively forged and nurtured alliances between our two continents.
In October 2018, the ASEM Cultural Festival ‘Europe meets Asia, Asia meets Europe’ highlighted two crucial themes: digital creativity and cultural heritage. The Festival showed that intercultural exchange, vision and creativity of artists can broaden our perspective on the past and the future.
As a leading European house for culture driven by an ambitious international mission, the Centre for Fine Arts-Brussels (BOZAR) warmly welcomed the ASEM Cultural Festival.

Through its commitment to artistic excellence and a constant need to adapt itself to an ever-changing world, this European house for culture engages with the 21st century by opening up new critical imaginaries, building bridges between communities through permanent intercultural exchanges and debates, and offering new perspectives that challenge existing narratives.
The two-week festival offered a diverse range of programming from Asia & Europe including performances, exhibitions and conversations.
The opening event featured a specially commissioned digital and music performance under the artistic direction of renowned Belgian visual artist, Honoré d’O (18 October 2018). A public forum on 22 October 2018 brought together two leading architects from Asia & Europe for a conversation on the topic of architecture and heritage. Over two weeks, an eclectic mix of music, dance and theatre performances, visual and photography exhibitions and film screenings was presented.
BOZAR was the natural partner to collaborate with ASEM and all its Asian and European countries and bring their creativity together. This festival was an opportunity to celebrate these historical connections and welcome the prospects for future cooperation.