Artists:Lee Lee-Nam
Date: 18.10.2018 – 30.10.2018
Location: Horta Hall
Category: Exhibition
Type: Video Installation

In the video installation A Path to Peace, Lee Lee-Nam (b. 1969) gives us his personal interpretation of a painting by Gyeomjae Jeong Seon (1676-1759), who was one of the leading lights in the landscape painting movement known as “true view” and whose works are considered to be the most representative of Korean cultural heritage. Lee Lee-Nam reinterprets Gyeomjae Jeong Seon with the aid of digital technologies by linking two mountains that are some distance from one another. The Kumgang Mountains, painted by Jeong Seon, are located on the North of the border between the two Koreas. By digitising the classical pictorial style and using symbolic representations common to both North and South Korea – the four seasons, cultural and architectural heritage –, Lee Lee-Nam puts forward the possibility of uniting the two countries in peace. With the support of the Korean Cultural Centre Brussels