Artists:Hui Zhao
Date: 18.10.2018-30.10.2018
Location: Dégagement Henry Le Boeuf
Category: Exhibition
Type: Photo exhibition

Photographer Hui Zhao is the driving force behind “China Story”. For that project, commissioned by the Chinese government, he travelled through the ‘Middle Kingdom’ and recorded its beauty for posterity. The project has been shown in forty countries around the world and so far consists of twenty series about Chinese culture, its countryside and people. He is currently working on two new chapters for the German and Italian embassies in China, namely “German Story” and “Italian Story”. Zhao is the only Asian photographer to be invited by Nikon to become one of its prestigious Grand Total Top Ten Global Photographers. Apart from his work for Chinese governmental bodies, he also takes commissions from major international businesses. He has been invited to present solo exhibitions in the EU headquarters in Brussels four times.

With the support of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union