Artists:Lucas De Man
Date: 25.10.2018
Location: Studio
Category: Performing Arts
concert: Lecture performance

Man (NL/BE) takes you on a fascinating trip. During the performance you meet a contemporary generation of hope in Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The dedicated millennials, of both Europe and Asia, share the futuristic challenges of a rapidly changing and sometimes terrifying world. Europe and Asia may know cultural differences, mostly we share common ground as we try to live the good life. How do we deal with progressive ideas on love and sex, while committing to traditional community values? And how do we face the future that keeps on closing in as robotics take over daily life? The performance play is a combination of film footage, documentary, manga animations, storytelling and the most unlikely encounters with artists, scientists, social activists, students and professors. Meet the Millennials inspires. It connects stories of daily life, work, education, artificial intelligence, emancipation and individual happiness in megacities. Lucas De Man shows the mind blowing effects of radical, fast forward thinking change. It is the story of a taboo breaking generation in East and West. Lucas De Man is a creator, concept developer, presenter, guest chairman, playwright and director. He is the founder and artistic director of Stichting Nieuwe Helden and presenter of the AvroTros programme Kunstuur. He also gives lectures and makes appearances as a host, presenter and guest chairman.