Artists:Miguel Ángel Belinchón – Bujes (a.k.a. Belin), Wesley Valenzuela
Date: 18.10.2018-30.10.2018
Location: Dégagement Henry Le Boeuf
Category: Exhibition
Type: Mural

Street art belongs to the public domain, surely? Street artists from two continents are creating a mural in the Ravenstein Gallery, between the Centre for Fine Arts and the Central Station. They are joining forces on the theme of ‘faces’: an unfamiliar face is always the portal we have to pass through in order to make contact with a different culture. The Spanish painter and sculptor Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes (a.k.a. Belin) is one of the most important European graffiti artists. He has even designed brand-new colours for a paint manufacturer, who then added them to their commercial range. The Filipino artist and designer Wesley Valenzuela uses a mixed technique in his graphic depictions of modern urban life, effervescent and brutal in equal measures.

With the support of the Embassy of Spain in Belgium