Artists:Ryusuke Hamaguchi (director)
Date: 22.10.2018
Location: Studio
Category: Cinema
Type: Movie

Filmmaker Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s film “Happy Hour” is a critical portrait of Japanese society, divided into five sections. Kobé, Japan. Jun, Akari, Sakurako and Fumi believe they can confide completely in one another, but one evening, at a party, Jun admits that she has filed for a divorce from her husband. This announcement seems to disturb the other three. They follow the divorce proceedings and her effort to win the case as she confronts her husband. In an attempt at reconciliation and to repair any lingering sense of bitterness, the friends decide to go on holiday together to the Arima hot spring retreat where Jun goes missing. Her disappearance marks the beginning of a series of unforeseen events in the lives of those who remain. Senses is a genuine marvel, a choral fresco of astounding beauty and depth, painting sublime portraits of women in their everyday lives and through them the landscape of a specific contemporary disaffection. (Le Monde).