Artists:Damien Manivel & Kohei Igarashi
Date: 28.10.2018
Location: Studio
Category: Cinema
Type: Movie

Snow covered mountains in Japan. Every night, a fisherman makes his way to the market in town. His six-year-old son is awoken by his departure and finds it impossible to go back to sleep. In the sleeping household, the young boy draws a picture that he then slips into his satchel. On his way to school, still drowsy, he strays off the path and wanders into the snow. “For his third feature, young French filmmaker Damien Manivel (Le parc) has chosen to team up with Japan’s Kohei Igarashi on directing duties. Written by the pair of directors, the story is set in the snow-covered mountains in Japan. Manivel & Igarashi: ‘We have attempted to narrate this complex feeling of love and distance through Takara’s footsteps.’” (Cineuropa)