Artists:Jean-Philippe Toussaint (writer), Benoît Peeters (interviewer)
Date: 23.10.2018
Location: Studio
Category: Literature
Type: Talk


Zadie Smith described the novels of Jean-Philippe Toussaint as “the reason why it is worth continuing to read fiction”. Words that say a great deal about the reputation of this Belgian writer who is well read and acclaimed all over the world. On 23 October BOZAR is inviting him to give a talk with French screenwriter and filmmaker Benoît Peeters. Together they will be discussing Asia, a continent that has played a major role in Toussaint’s work since his 2002 novel Faire l’amour. His latest novel has the evocative title Made in China (2017) which is where most of the action takes place. His books have been translated into over 20 languages and have won the Prix Médicis (2005) and the Prix Décembre (2009). Toussaint is also a filmmaker and photographer whose work has been exhibited in Brussels, Paris and Japan.