Artists: Fuyuki Enokido (koto), Kaho Aso (kotsuzumi), José María Gallardo (guitar)
Location: Conde Duque Cultural Centre – Assembly Hall
Date: 12.12.2019
Category: Music

Three internationally renowned musicians, Fuyuki Enokido, Japanese koto (harp) performer and Cultural Ambassador of Japan; Kaho Aso, Japanese kotsuzumi (drums) performer and actress, and José María Gallardo del Rey, renowned Spanish guitarist, blend the sounds and rhythms of East and West to create connections through the universal language of music.

The three performers engage in a “musical dialogue” through the use of the most representative string instruments and percussion from Japan and Spain.

This Spanish-Japanese musical performance, presented in collaboration with the Japan Foundation, highlights the existing connection between the two countries, combining their musical traditions to take the audience on a sensory journey which will lead them to discover the harmonious beauty of this “dialogue” between the two cultures.

Supported by the Japan Foundation