Artists: Gukak E_sang and Yunmyunghwa Dance Company
Location: CentroCentro – Caja de Música Auditorium
Date: 14.12.2019
Category: Performing Arts

A traditional dance and music performance from Korea. The Poong-Ryu performance is a creative project by two Korean companies: Yunmyunghwa Dance Company and Gukak E_sang. Yunmyunghwa Dance Company is known for its wide repertoires based on Korean traditional dance, while Gukak E_sang specialises in disseminating Gukak, Korean traditional music.

The show brings together 15 artists to present a unique performance of traditional dance and music, highlighting the artistic diversity of the Republic of Korea. Traditional music and dance such as the Dance of the Royal Court of Korea, the fan dance and folk dance, are blended with modern rhythms. Pansori Epic Chant, included in the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is also included in the repertory.

To connect traditional music and dance with younger generations, Korean artists often tend to break away from established artistic rules, such that new forms of expression are created. This performance has the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Korean Cultural Center in Madrid and Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation.

Artists: Shin Yujin, Shim Jaeyun, Lee Sangwon, Lee Changyun, Kang Seong-Hyeon, Park Mieun, Lee Changwon, Jin Mi Rim, Yoo Hyeji, Yun Myunghwa, Jang Jiwoo, Kwon Miseon, Gu Myungseo, Song Hyoyoung, Kim Jinyong

Supported by Embassy of Korea, Korean Cultural Centre, Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation