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In this blog, you can access interviews with artists and producers, sneak a peek the goings on at the Festival and read articles about outstanding cultural exchanges between Asia & Europe.

The design knot between Italy and Cambodia

An example of collaboration in the fields of handicraft and design which will be presented at the ASEM Cultural Festival 2021. Martina Cannetta is excited. The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia has invited her and her association Il Nodo (“Il Nodo” is Italian for “The Knot”) to hold an exhibition to display […]

Interview with Chhay Visoth, Cambodia

We met Chhay Visoth, Director of Museum Department, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Kingdom of Cambodia. Why do Europe-Asia relations matter to you?There has been significant progress in Europe-Asia relations over the centuries. Numerous historical records demonstrate that the two continents began a close relationship in the 16th century, since when they have engaged […]

Interview with Manisha Nene, India

We met Manisha Nene, Director, General Administration and Collection Management, of the CSMVS. Why do Europe-Asia relations matter to you?People often assume that the relationship between Asia and Europe began with Europe’s colonization. However, if we look further back, we understand that it is older and multi-layered. Each continent influences and makes impressions on the […]

Interview with Min Byoungchan, Korea

We met Min Byoungchan, Director of the National Museum of Korea (NMK). Why do Europe-Asia relations matter to you?Despite the distance, Asia and Europe have exchanged influences from long ago. The religions, arts and cultures that run across Asia and Europe form a crucial context for understanding our cultures in a broader and deeper sense. […]

Interview with Sophie Lauwers, Belgium

We met Sophie Lauwers, Director of Exhibitions at BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium. Why do Europe-Asia relations matter to you?The Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels wishes to strengthen its role as a platform for intercultural dialogue, by promoting opportunities for co-creation and co-production in Europe and Asia. It wants to […]

Interview with Ana Maria Theresa Labrador, Philippines

We met Ana Maria Theresa Labrador, Museum Curator at The National Museum of the Philippines. Your museum recently participated in the exhibition A passage to Asia. How important are international exchanges to you?A Passage to Asia is one of the virtual exhibitions we participated in when we were recalibrating our museum programs to fit the […]

What future for Asia-Europe museum cooperation?

A forum on the topic of ‘State of play, perspectives and new forms of cooperation between Asian and European museums’ was held at the ASEM Day Virtual Celebration organised by the European Union. This article written by Ms Preeti Gaonkar, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) presents the key takeaways from this discussion with museum directors and curators. […]

Exploring the Influence of Cultural Heritage on Contemporary Architecture

“A Conversation with Wang Shu and Paul Robbrecht” was the title of the architecture forum held on 22 October at the Centre for Fine Arts – BOZAR in the scope of the ASEM Cultural Festival. This Festival is an official side-event of the 12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12) which took place on 18-19 October 2018 in Brussels. ASEM12 brought together […]

Merging the classical with the contemporary | An interview with Pichet Klunchun

Thai dancer and choreographer Pichet Klunchun presents his work ‘I am a Demon’ at the ASEM Cultural Festival on 29 October 2018 at the Centre for Fine Arts-Brussels (BOZAR). Merging traditional Thai classical dance language with contemporary sensibilities, Klunchun occupies a rare place in the dance world. Klunchun started his training in Khon, a Thai classical mask dance, as a teenager and […]

How Europe Meets Asia | Interview w/ Paul Dujardin

As the ASEM Cultural Festival kicks off this week, Ambassador Karsten WARNECKE, Executive Director, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), poses questions on the Centre for Fine Arts-Brussels (BOZAR), Europe and cultural co-operation to Paul DUJARDIN, CEO & Artistic Director of BOZAR.  An advocate for culture in Europe, DUJARDIN has been steering BOZAR since 2002. The Centre is an interdisciplinary cultural venue that enables partnerships between […]