Workshop Between Tiny Cities រវាងទីក្រុងតូច with the hip hop b* boys

Join Australian b*boy Aaron Lim, and Cambodian b*boy Erak Mith as they introduce you to their hip hop cultures and build on your break dancing skills. This workshop develops specific hip hop skills with a focus on foot work, freezes and power moves. They’ll share with you their very different styles and skills from different corners of the world. This is a fun offering suitable for varying experience levels culminating in the collective performance of a short routine at the end of the class.

This workshop is especially destined to persons who have some practice about urban dances, hip hop or contemporary dance. 16 years old and above.

Saturday 14 December – 12:00
Location: Centro Cultural Nicolás Salmerón, Sala de Danza
Genre: Dance
Countries: Cambodia and Australia
Duration: 90 minutes

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Registrations are compulsory, individual and non-transferable. The shows are free of charge and, for this reason, there will be rigorous controls in place to ensure the entrance of people previously registered until the venue capacity is reached. It is advisable to arrive at each show 30 minutes early to collect your ticket. Please notify us of any cancellation by email: [email protected]



14 Dec 2019


12:00 pm


Centro Cultural Nicolás Salmerón - Sala de danza
Calle Mantuano, 51, 28002 Madrid