Artists: Kamini Ramachandran (storyteller and producer), Raghavendran Rajasekaran (musician), Annalisa Salis (illustrator), Zeetrope Productions (video production)
Location: Online
Date: 22 – 26.11.2021
Category: Performance

A Tale of Two Shores breathes life into a lesser-known Grimm’s fairy-tale and Asian folktale while celebrating the existence of almost identical stories that exist in completely different geographies, rooted in totally diverse cultures and told in unrelated languages. It is in this perceived separation, and distance that we find resemblance, similarities and connectedness. Oral literature sheds light on our shared experiences and reveals our commonalities, as people of this world. The theme of love is the one language the whole world speaks, with or without words. Presented as a storytelling video with narration, music and visual art illustrations, A Tale of Two Shores aims to raise awareness of the oral tradition as intangible cultural heritage while honouring our shared similarities despite distance, language and place.


Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth, Singapore (MCCY)
National Arts Council, Singapore (NAC)