Artists: Various Artists
Location: Online
Date: 22 – 31.12.2021
Category: Performance

On the occasion of celebrating the ASEM Cultural Festival 2021, it is with great pleasure that the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia invites all viewers of the ASEM Partners to the opening ceremony featuring intriguing classical, folk and contemporary dances performed by skilled artistes from Cambodia and ASEM Partner countries.

The performance begins with a blessing dance as a traditional way to welcome our guests. A folk dance depicting the traditional spirit-worship ceremony of rice-planting and harvesting of the ethnic groups in the north-eastern region of Cambodia follows. The next performance is ‘Gems from Mozart at Angkor’ which highlights Asia-Europe partnership through its artistic approaches. ‘Pounding the Gum-Lacquer’ is a dance that expresses love where a man searches gum-lacquer for his beloved so that she can make her teeth black. ‘Rice’ is a Khmer contemporary dance portraying a dynamic and positive drive of Cambodian youth, while the ‘ASEM Flags dance’ is a Cambodian classical dance offering harmonious and peaceful energy.



Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Cambodia
European Union
Asia-Europe Foundation

Austrian Embassy Bangkok
Embassy of Italy, Bangkok