Artists: Talk 1, Visual Arts: Sopheap Pich (sculptor), Lim Sokchanlina (photographer), Ernst Altmann (moderator)
Talk 2, Film: Davy Chou (filmmaker), Ines Sothea (director, Screenwriter, Producer), Nico Mesterharm (moderator)
Location: Online
Date: 22 – 31.12.2021
Category: Webinar

Far, But Close is a 2-part interview series, showcasing a senior Cambodian artist / filmmaker with foreign education and a young emerging artist / filmmaker from Cambodia. Each of the talks will be moderated by a German expert with broad experience in Cambodian arts and culture. Modern art and film have both been introduced to Cambodia in the 1950s by European teachers and artists. The two-talk-series explores how European influences still permeate Cambodian arts, how developments in the neighboring ASEAN countries are perceived and what it takes to define “Modern Cambodian Art” in a global context.

European Union
Asia-Europe Foundation