Artists: Bottega dell’Arte, Il Nodo Social Design school, Lon Phanna (silversmith), Ry Sangha (silversmith), Mant Samorn (silversmith) and Vorn Chhiev (silversmith)
Location: National Museum, Cambodia and Online
Date: 22.11.2021 – 31.12.2021
Category: Exhibition

A Sketch for Hope was born from the idea to involve a wide network of creative friends – architects, artists and designers – in the Bottega dell’Arte, Il Nodo Social Design school in Cambodia. The journey began with an idea, a sketch, a design of a jewel to be hand made by the students of the Phnom Penh school. The response was overwhelming: a flooding of designs, over a hundred from over 80 artists, a rich set of different creative stimuli for the students.

A collection of artifacts was born which, in addition to the educational value for the school, represents an important instance of synergy between different and distant cultures such as the Italian and Khmer ones and above all between the expressive languages of design and crafts.

Mekong by Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli, a stretch of the mother of waters made as a pendant, received a main Design Award, and is displayed in the Jewellery Museum of Vicenza.

A Sketch for Hope (Gioie d’Autore in Italian) book can be viewed here:

Italian Embassy in Bangkok