Artists: SilverBell Dance Group of Performing Artists, Omah Gamelan, Juichinichimachi Enburi-gumi, Nakano Nanazumai, Otsuchi Toramai Association, Kita Shichifukujin
Location: Online
Date: 22 – 26.11.2021
Category: Performance

Inspired by the Sanriku folktale in Japan, “Kaminagahime (Princess of Long Tresses)” is an online collaborative performance by 5 performing groups from Cambodia, Indonesia and the Sanriku region, presented as a part of Sanriku International Festival in September, 2021. The project launched in May 2021, when the groups shared ideas and melodies to create collaboratively through online exchange. We hope our initiative will convey the charm of various performing arts cultivated over a long history, passing them on to future generations.

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Sanriku International Arts Committee
The Japan Foundation Asia Center