Artists: The Russian National Ballet
Location: Online
Date: 22 – 26.11.2021
Category: Performance

The Russian National Ballet performance, Kostroma, is a unique show narrating the story through the language of folk dance about the history and diversity of the national cultures in the Russian Federation. Vital historical milestones, traditions and customs of the multinational Russia expose originality of the hundreds of cultures of the united people of Russia, revealing the life of the people living in the Far North, in the southern steppes, in the mountains of the Caucasus and in the Central Russia.

The distinct style, historical accuracy, level of professionalism as well as visual appeal due to numerous changes in the background decorations and costumes are a tribute to the great history of the great country, its warriors with their mighty spirit and the people respecting their roots and the traditions of the ancestors.

The show unites lyrical sketches with elements of folklore and ancient Russian epic with great prowess. This production is presented by the Russian National Ballet, one of the youngest professional dance companies in the Russian Federation.

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Rosconcert Company