Artists: Francesca Foscarini (concept and direction, choreography, performer), Cosimo Lopalco (concept and direction, dramaturgy, performer), Ana Shametaj (subject, direction and video photography), ErGao(artistic contribution, installation performance), Noel Pong (artistic contribution, installation performance), Giovanfrancesco Giannini (performer), Giulia Terminio (performer), Giulio Olivero (scenography), Guido Tattoni (sound design), Anna Mantoan (costume consultant), Paolo Sacchi (photography), Silvia Limone (video executive production), Giulia Poli (production for Asia)
Location: Online
Date: 22 – 31.12.2021
Category: Performance

Museum of Elsewhere is a contemporary dance performance and installation art project focusing on the themes of contemporary museum and relationship between the architectural space and the body. The project involves an ensemble of Italian and Asian artists and aims to research the idea of identity in an international domain. The artists create a museum space inhabited by durational performances, bodies in motion or motionless, objects and sounds, which are treated as proper “works” of art. The show is therefore a multimedia immersive installation, born from the collaboration of artists from different sectors – visual art, performance art, and music – and different parts of the world.

Conceived and directed by Italian artists Francesca Foscarini and Cosimo Lopalco, the project is enriched by the artistic contribution of Asian artists, ErGao and Noel Pong. Ana Shametaj has directed the digital form of this presentation. Join the artists for a conversation on the project’s creation and get an insight into international collaborations.

The film featured in this video is a piece of artistic creation.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy
Lis Lab Performing Arts
Cross Project
Città di Verbania
Embassy of Italy in Bangkok
European Union
Asia-Europe Foundation